Image 22 Feb

Fromaggio’s brie grilled cheese with pesto. Amazing. Great bread, gooey brie and delicious pesto. It was such a treat to open this to-go box and see so much beauty. The side salad was great, too. Simple greens, hazelnuts and dried cherries. 

Oh, and they have an outrageously awesome cheese selection with a staff of cheesemongers that seriously know what’s up. I’ve always been happy visiting this place. Now that I’ve finally had a chance to check out their sandwiches, I may never leave.


Wolf Run puts its food focus on Alaska grown

20 Feb

Trying to eat local can be a challenge in Alaska, but the popular Wolf Run restaurant in Fairbanks is trying to make a go of it. This story makes it look delicious. It looks like they’ve kept the dessert menu intact – which is not be missed if you head north.

Wolf Run puts its food focus on Alaska grown

Image 19 Feb

This visit to Seward’s Folly was disappointing for a whole lot of reasons (not including the name of the restaurant, which too easily invites criticism). The Thai place I wanted to check out closed at 8:30 (that still happens?) so my buddy Josh and I scrambled over to the closest thing open that I hadn’t tried and wasn’t a chain.

Too bad the Reuben was meh, the fries were salty and the glass with my ice tea was grungy. Didn’t help that it was $14 for a sandwich. Kinda makes me wish we’d sprung for Q’doba instead.

Gallery 15 Feb

Free coffee this morning at Rustic Goat. It’s Kaladi Brothers Coffee’s first foray into a full restaurant, but hasn’t forgotten its coffee roots. Can’t wait to check out dinner here. Count me in on that clam and bacon pizza. Word is they have an amazing dessert menu. A friend who checked out the soft opening said she tried the deconstructed s’more. Graham cracker crust, with chocolate pot de crème covered in flambéed marshmallow.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Free coffee again Sunday from 8 a.m. to noon. Restaurant opens Monday. Full details on their Facebook page.


The Taste of The Kenai | An evening of excellent food and drink!

11 Feb

Who knew Kenai had such a refined palate? Everything from Elk meatloaf with mushroom cream to Asian salmon bites and shrimp halibut cakes. Colored me impressed. $50 a person, going down at the Sterling Community Center, Feb. 22. I might have to make a road trip.

The Taste of The Kenai | An evening of excellent food and drink!

Yellow chicken curry lunch special at myThai Downtown

11 Feb


Cute little Thai restaurant downtown, myThai Downtown. Nice lunch menu; only $10 for this bad boy. Tons of vegetarian options. Lots of seating and a nice view of the downtown street traffic off of Fourth Avenue. Nothing too special about this stuff, but it was tasty. I’m still biased to getting really, really amazing Thai from when I lived up in Fairbanks. I’m always on the hunt to find good Thai here in Anchorage. Honestly, it’s been a challenge. 

Hundreds of restaurants, but stuck in a funk

10 Feb

Nothing makes me happier than going out to eat, but often that means going to the same five restaurants time and time again. Bear Tooth. Lucky Wishbone. Tommy’s Burger Stop. Ronnie’s Sushi. They’re wonderful, but comfortable. I feel like I’m missing something.

This is my very humble attempt to break that cycle. Urbanspoon says there are 167 restaurants in downtown Anchorage. 47 in the North Star neighborhood I moved into this month. 106 in midtown. 

Sounds like a lot of food adventures to me.




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